Cheetah Advanced Technologies Ltd launch ground-breaking riding and driving safety app. TagAcam® is an innovative new community app that gives road users audio and visual alerts about what is coming up on the road ahead.

  • Designed for both motorbikes and cars – high quality, detailed and descriptive voice alerts and colour coded visuals

  • Live, real time road hazards – pot holes, spills, dangerous bends and other road hazards are shared in real time

  • Live speed traps shared  – sightings of current speed enforcement are actively shared within the community, so alerts are up to the minute

  • Pre-loaded global speed and red light camera and safety warnings  – tens of thousands of verified alerts from the established and respected Trinity® database

  • Hands free, simple, legal operation  TagAcam optionally links with the unique, wireless SmartButton, enabling users to share and verify alerts easily and safely

  • For android and iPhone users – subscribe to TagAcam for just £3.99 per month or £29.99 per year via the App Store and Google Play

  • Optional SmartButton  – costs £19.99 for cars or £29.99 including a mount for motorbikes.


Cheetah Advanced Technologies Ltd launch TagAcam on Google Play and the App Store.


With the launch of the ground-breaking TagAcam app, motorcyclists and drivers can now be alerted in advance to hazards such as potholes that can damage your vehicle, spills and dangerous bends that could cause a slide, and all types of safety cameras that are positioned in high risk accident areas.


TagAcam can also be linked to our unique, wireless SmartButton that is easily attached to the handlebars of a motorbike or the back of the steering wheel in a car.


TagAcam users can instantly and legally communicate what’s happening with the wider TagAcam community by simply clicking the SmartButton to share road hazards and live speed traps. Using the wireless SmartButton means there is no need to touch a mobile phone while driving.

TagAcam is the first of its kind – a simple and easy to use safety app that you can easily and legally interact with on the move using the optional SmartButton.

Stuart Smith, CEO


TagAcam works really well and it’s easy to use the SmartButton on the bike to report hazards so we can help each other stay safe.

Ian Cadman, TagAcam user



About Cheetah Advanced Technologies Ltd

Cheetah Advanced Technologies Ltd started as a family business in 2003. It quickly established its reputation through word of mouth and prides itself on trying to exceed expectations for their products and service. Their previous product, the Cheetah C550, won the Auto Express 5* Best Buy 2016 for speed camera locators and Car Buyer’s Best speed camera detectors to buy in 2017.

Cheetah Advanced Technologies Ltd is a trusted global provider of road safety information where and when its customers need it most.

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